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Tok Ma’s Ribs Penyet

From the previous post, you would know that we started with four flavours of beef ribs. Tok Ma’s Ribs Penyet is our fifth. This dish came as an accident. One of our customers gave us a suggestion one day – “Why don’t you make Ribs Penyet?“

We want to be known as a family restaurant serving ’halal western food’ with beef ribs as our focused dish. However, ribs penyet isn’t a bad idea! It’s an excellent addition to our beef ribs collection. Hence, Tok Ma’s Ribs Penyet was born.

Tok Ma’s Ribs Penyet (RM 59)

But who is this Tok Ma?

The Tok Ma we know comes from Jawa Timur, Indonesia. We're not experts in Indonesian cuisine, hence we sought the help of our Tok Ma and name this dish after her!

We already have a good recipe to soften beef ribs. What’s better is making it into one of Indonesia‘s favourite rice dish. Plus, it caters to those who can‘t miss rice in their daily menu. Beef ribs are marinated in our spice mix and then deep fried. Best eaten with steamy rice and our clear beef soup. But what you cannot miss with the dish is the chef’s addictive tomato sambal. The sambal is so good that a customer purchased two bottles! We don’t sell bottled sambal tomato, but it can be arranged if you’re keen. ;)

We're usually not so stingy with our recipe. So here's the marinade our 'Tok Ma' shared:

Red Onions


Red Chillies

Bird's Eye Chillies

Dried Chillies



Gula melaka (Palm Sugar)


If you're game, try it yourself!

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